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Nanobio waste water treatment plant

Recipe for treatment plant with min. 3 tanks:
Make a septic mix of  1L/10,000L waste water. For the septic mix add 1L Nanobio + 2L Blackstrap Molasses + 5-10L water into a plastic container; cover with a lid and let ferment for 5 days.
Soak autoclaved concrete blocks (Ytong) or volcanic rock with the septic mix and hang them in the 1st
and 3rd tank.
Pour the septic mix into system once every 4 weeks.
After 3-4 months reduce the inoculation to once/3-4months.
After the system is stabilized, put the septic mix 2-3 times/year.
If you have high content of organic solids, aerate 2-3hrs/day to prevent formation of sludge.


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