Magrav (Keshe generator)

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magrave orig unit

Le Magrav comme vendu par Keshe

Keshe Coil

magrav coil1

le shema du haut, c'est le stylo, celui du bas, bobine de générateur

le schéma du haut, c’est le stylo, celui du bas, une bobine de générateur

Pour le revêtement de plastique qui protège la peau du nano revêtement, je peux utiliser de la colle chaude?
Si tu place ton stylo a l’intérieur d’un tuyau transparent… pour boucher les bouts… oui. la colle chaude fait l’affaire. Laisse un bon bout de tuyau pour garder la distance. Chauffe bien la colle et faut remplir pour créer l’espace entre la tige et le bout… disons 1 cm. On fait ça des 2 côtés et c’est parti.

In search of a better nanocoating…

Pre Treating Copper Materials with CLR 11/23/2015
This video shows pre-treatment of copper components with CLR — a commercial product to remove calcium, lime and rust…youtube

Critical coil information

You might not want to finish your nanocoating until you see this. The clip is from the International Knowledge Seeker Workshops/Health Teaching Workshop November 24, 2015, at around 2:40:00.
We were alerted to this by an observant individual.
Keshe indicates the criticality of applying a voltage/current on completed coil loops to align the nanocoating right out of the caustic. Polarity is evidently critical.
KFLocalGroupLongBeachCaUSA.Com email important info to so we can get it out there to everyone. – youtube

New 144 81 Coil Winding , Heat nano Coating with torch and ohm meter – youtube

Beautiful rainbow colors after nano coating with heat – youtube

Nano coating and Gold ! – youtube


Keshe Magrav GANS Production, Washing and Soup. In this video we show you the method and process we used to produce, harvest , wash and prepare our GANS to be used for the Magrav Power System. – youtube


Keshe Stylo

keshe stylo1keshe stylo2

keshe stylo3

Le stylo transformé – youtube

fabrication du pen – youtube


pen effect collection – website


  1. Keshe Group Longbeach Ca – website
  2. 89th Knowledge Seekers Workshop November 26, 2015- youtube (coating at 27min, meter stop at 40min)

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  10. Keshe plasma experiment similar to coca cola plasma bottle

Keshe Plasma batterie

video – you tube


Alekz System

Alekz system- I think this is what powers a stand alone unit…/Alekz-System-07-02-15-r4.p…

Alekz system animation

alekz system

alekz system2