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lake treatmentNanobio for Ponds/lakes

Dilute 1L Nanobio in 10,000 L water (0.1L pro m³).
After one week: organic matter rises from bottom to surface; the stink vanishes, water becomes gradually clearer. Algae start growing a lot: after 2 weeks they clump and die. After one month all the water is clear.
Remember that micro organisms do not move well – they need to spread the application.
To enhance results add EM-X ceramics (500g ceramic pipes for 10,000L); hang into lake at certain
places. You can also mix Nanobio into zeolite/volcanic-rock-powder and grumble into lake.


rivertreatmentNanobio for flowing water treatments

Treat 1/5000 of daily flow volume.
For example you have a channel of 1000m long, 12m wide and 1.5m deep; the water flows at a speed of 1m/hr.
Calculate the amount of Nanobio = 1 (m/hr) * 24 (hrs) * 12 (m wide) * 1.5 (m deep)= 432m³/5000=86.4L.
Best when Nanobio is soaked into porous material (hydroclay, volcanic rock etc) or use dried bokashi!
Add some bags of EM-X ceramic pipes where the flow is greatest.