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Build a Rocket Stove

The video’s clever design for a dual-burner DIY rocket stove uses only six concrete masonry units (CMU), also known as cement blocks or foundation blocks. By stacking the blocks as demonstrated, you’ll be able to channel enough heat from a small fire to cook food in two separate pots.

rocketstoveTo build the rocket stove featured in this video, you’ll need 3 standard cement blocks, 2 half-blocks and one stretcher unit. As the video demonstrates, the blocks can be arranged quickly, and your rocket stove will be fully operational in a matter of minutes. Start by placing one standard block lengthwise, with its solid surface down, and topping it with the stretcher unit having its openings facing skyward. Flank this arrangement on each end with one standard block, openings turned out to the sides (the side-facing openings will function as fuel magazines into which you’ll feed the flames). Place the half-blocks on top to create two vertical chimneys, over which you can place recycled burner grates to support cooking pots and to allow for a draught. And that’s it: Now you know how to build a rocket stove for cooking.

The video also includes instructions to build a more compact, single-burner rocket stove using just four cement blocks.

Juured Cob Rocket stove

Building an Oven with Cob

www.mosswoodfarmstore.comVideo: Building an Earth oven with cob contstruction


Mini cubic stove – high performance

Cubic Mini Wood Stoves ($500.00 +)

Living Lightly (many variations)

Compost water heater

Whole systems design (compost water heater)

Puit canadien

Article dans Ecohabitation

Radiant floor/wall/ceiling heating

Flexco in Chambly: one conductor cable creates a lot of emf; double conductor twisted cables do not create emfs. They do also radiant heat with water (gas boiler).

Thomason Trickle heater

thomason trickleflow

thomason patent1
thomason patent2
Article in Mother Earth 1
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Lunos Ventilation with heat recovery