Adya Water research

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Adya Water How it is made

(probably extracted from the original patent)

Mix 3 parts aqueous sulfuric acid (25% solution) is added to 4 parts of vermiculite (weathered from black mica); the parts are by weight. Allow the mixture to stand for several days while sometimes stirring the mixture.
Alternatively you can heat the mixture100deg and allow it to stand for several hours while agitating the mixture.

Thus, the elements such as Si, Al, Mg, Fe, K and Na, and the oxides thereof in the raw material are eluated in the aqueous sulfuric acid solution to produce sulfates, oxides, double salts and complex salts of the metals and nonmetals. In addition, small amounts of sulfates of Li, Zr, V, Ni, Co, P, Ba and S contained as elements or oxides in the raw material are also produced, but no detrimental heavy metals are contained.

The aqueous solution thus produced is used as is or by concentrating or diluting the solution as sterilizing water-purifying reagent for drink.

When 25% hydrochloric acid is used instead of 25% sulfuric acid and vermiculite is added at a ratio of 1:1 to the hydrochloric acid by weight and the mixture is then similarly reacted, the reaction time can be largely shortened. This sterilizing water-purifying reagent for drink is sold in the name of “ENMINERA” by KABUSHIKIKAISHA ENMINERA.