Abri Chauffe Souris – Bathouse

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bathouse1Bat Houses for Mosquito Control

Bats are mother nature’s insecticide, and a single brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitos an hour!

The ideal location is about 10-15ft high, with a clear area below, free from branches, etc. Bat houses mounted on poles or on the side of buildings are easier for bats to locate. Also, houses should ideally face southeast, to catch some sunlight during mornings to warm their little bat bodies up.

The size of your bat house can vary, depending on the amount of wood you have available. Use these measurements as an approximation if your supplies are lacking. Cut the following pieces in 1/2 » or 3/4 » outdoor grade plywood (or whatever you have):

  • Backboard: 26.5 » x 24 », saw grooves throughout the full length of  the backboard; this gives the bats something to grip, climb, and hang from in the bat house.
  • Top front board 16.5 » x 24 »bathouse2
  • Bottom front board 5 » x 24 »
  • furring boards 2x 1 » x 21.5 »
  • furring board 1 » x 22 »

Attach the furring strips to the outer rim of the backboard with caulk.

Then attach the front top and bottom piece on top with caulk. Leave a 1/2 » vent in between the top and bottom front piece. You can use shingles, galvanized metal, or left over wood to create a roof for the house.
I simply used some left over pieces and cut the wood at a 45 degree angle for a roof.